Update 3rd March 2009

Just to let you all know – the Official 2008 Worst Player on Tour, coming 13th and last in the OoM – Not only has “acquired” a new set of clubs, water proofs, bag (with go faster stripes), shoes and a very natty putter cover, but he is also hitting the driving range hard and has already put a bet on himself for the 09 OoM, via the PEDROpower portal on the 2009 website, http://whv.wikidot.com/ .

I hope the other Members who’s under performance let them down so badly last year are putting in a similar amount of effort in during the off season. I have inserted the bottom half of the 08 OoM to focus the mind’s of those who let themselves down last year:

8th Howelly S
9th Brown A
10th Prof. Ash R
11th Hopkin B
12th Spittle W
13th Gregory G

Ps ….There’s more to the Tour than losing the Hulk on the Saturday of the CJ only the scramble it back on the Sunday and rely on other Members to win their bets for them!

Pps … I hadn’t realised that the Proff beat Bruce and Noz last year, good lord!

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