Updated 18th Feb 2009

Dear WHVGS Members

I am sad to inform you that yesterday I received a “complaint” from one of our fellow members…. The basic complaint is that during the first 49 days of 2009 there has been insufficient WHVGS email traffic through our respective in-boxes. To rectify that and to brighten up the current depressing state of affairs that we are all facing, I would like to welcome you all to the start of the annual WHVGS email bombardment that you have all come love. I would also like to welcome Adam back into the WHVGS fold after his sabbatical.

Further emails will be released in the near future detailing the off season debates, deliberations and conclusions of the Board, including:

The use of the Orange and Yellow jerseys
The Ranking points system
The Handicap system
Match Reports
Definition of Membership and
Whether the current global economic crisis and weakening of sterling against the Euro has jeopardised holding the Claret Jug event in the Eurozone.

In addition please go here for the details of the first 2009 Tour Event – “The Gibbon” and respond to our irrepressible TD, ASAP – TD I am in, to start the defence of one of my OoM Crown, although in all honesty I think that Noz is nailed on for the 2009 crown.

I would also like to take his opportunity to say that I hope that the “Category 1” handicappers have had a long hard look at themselves during the off season and spent many an hour in practice areas, because to be quite honest they let themselves down in 2008 – You know who you are, but for clarity I am referring to Messrs: Brown, Austin, Gregory (who was shocking in 08 – both on and off course in 2008), Milmore and the Idiot hall.

NB – On the evening of 28th March, can I suggest that the Members (wives, girlfriends, special gym buddies all welcome) congregate at the best pub in Birmingham – the Lord Clifton – For a celebration of the first tour event of the year – It also coincides with the brief return of a large, finish man, who some of you know quite well from Ibiza and it is potentially S Howelly’s last bash before be emigrates to Dubai – So expect tears from the TD

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