From an email on 13 July 2009

2009-6: Handicaps

At the start of each Tour year, the incoming Captain (or other Board member given the Tour handicapping responsibilities) has the option to propose an increase or decrease the starting handicaps of individual Members based on the prior year’s closing handicap. The Member concerned will then have to opportunity to present their case to the Board, who will either approve or reject the Proposal.

Throughout the year the Captain has the right to amend handicaps on general play.

Preposterous. If the individual doesn’t agree with the ‘Captains’ handicap adjustment based on general play – he appeals to the board – one third of which is the ‘clown’ who would have proposed the change in the first place – who will vote in favour of the change.  This significantly reduces the odds of an appeal winning on fair grounds.

Thoughts gents?

Former Captain and current disillusioned member

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