As reported in an addendum to Ads Match Report there were concerns over the no shows from the President and the Captain at this new minor event.

Here are some of the relevant discussion points:


“Also attached is the Match Report from the debacle that was the Captain’s Cup, (and by that I mean to take nothing away from a very worthy winner) and the dubious rulings of the non-conflicted Board Members – Which appear to have upped the stakes somewhat and largely ignored the Port Scale as documented at T11, by giving someone the maximum penalty available for not playing in Minor, even though he was never actually booked in to play in the event when the tee times were booked – All very odd, but as I am not one to complain I have duly purchased my fine and look forward to the Captain doing his…”

Board decision on the disciplinary issues:

The following Board decisions took place following the Captain’s Cup:
1. A charge was made against the President of not attending the Captain’s Cup despite being within reasonable distance of the tournament and a further charge was made against the President of influencing the starting time of the Captain’s Cup and so adversely affecting the Captain’s ability to attend the Tournament. The majority Board decision was that the President be found guilty of both a cheeky and out of order offence and that he therefore be required to present the Society with a bottle of at least 20 year old Tawny Port at the Claret Jug weekend.
2. A charge was made against the Captain of not attending the inaugural Captain’s Cup and of not expending sufficient effort in organising the tournament. The majority Board decision, mitigated by the influence of The President on the Captain’s ability to attend, was that the Captain be found guilty of a cheeky offence and that he therefore be required to present himself with a Motown St. Mellion at the Claret Jug weekend and swiftly consume this in view of the members present at the tournament.

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