Have You Seen Something Like This?

Have You Seen Something Like This?

WHVgolf.com towers was shocked and saddened, as I imagine other society members were, by this confession, repeated in full here:

Having been a victim of another booze related self-implosion on Saturday evening, I unfortunately realised that the Pedro fiver was no longer in my possession on Sunday.

Being a natural optimist (or being in denial of the level of the losses of my faculties the previous evening) I assumed that I had handed the kitty to one of the Board before my departure on Saturday although, on investigation, this proved not to be the case.

As outlined by the President, I therefore got on the blower to AGM venue, The Lord Clifden, in a frantic search for the Pedro fiver. A very helpful member of the bar staff, Sarah, promised to check their tills and get back to me.


Imagine my delight and relief when she said that she had located a Royal Bank of Scotland £5 and that she would hold onto this for me. She seemed slightly confused by my repeated questioning as to whether the note bore the legend ‘The Pedro Fiver’ although I promised to collect the cherished item whilst quickly convincing myself that she had simply overlooked any words being written on it.

Earlier today, I exchanged the note for £10 of my own money, having originally promised Sarah to more than reimburse the face value in my original clamour to retrieve the Pedro, and was gutted to discover that she had indeed been correct about an absence of writing on the note.

Despite the gravity of this position, I truly believe that the spirit of the WHVGS is not to consider this a devastating loss but to consider it as an opportunity – after all, what are the odds of the boozer having an almost identical note in their tills from the weekend ? (The Professor will probably calculate this for the benefit of the society). I have therefore seized the opportunity – namely to create further WHV legend in the prompt christening of ‘The Son of the Pedro Fiver’.

If the human race can evolve and improve from generation to generation then I am sure that the legendary potential of banknotes can also do the same and I shall therefore present to the Society…The Son of the Pedro fiver…

I’ll get my coat on the way out.

The TD

Most fined man in WHV Golf

This prompted the following response, in what I expect will become a trademark ‘cod-sympathetic’ style from our newest board member:

As a new member of the Board I can confirm that I am astonished that another member of the board could possibly lose something that is so cherished within the GS.


Whilst it is indeed uncanny that the boozer would have another Scottish Fiver, it is clearly not the same as the Pedro itself. The other Scottish Fiver is simply a fiver and worth it’s face value – I believe the Pedro Fiver has indeed been referred to as ‘priceless’ in the past.

However I have been appointed as the Players Rep, so will try and do my best for you Mr Gregory!

Finally, the Pres weighed in with a rather tame query as to the serial number of the disappointing ‘Son of the Pedro Fiver’.

Let this be a lesson to all WHVers. Christmas is a dangerous time when you are transporting valuable treasures. Be Smart. Leave Them At Home.

TD caught on camera in a rare moment when he isn't 'tensing'

TD caught on camera in a rare moment when he isn't 'tensing'

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