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It’s  been a while since I posted, apologies from a new Dad who has to go to Brussels to get some peace and sleep.

I am pleased to be able to bring you the following message from the President:

Dear WHVGS Members – I am delighted to be able to satiate your desire to know the details of the first 2010 WHVGS Tour Event – The 2010 Gibbon.

My delight is two fold, firstly because the TD has actually organised it at a proper club, for proper golfers this year – which I know the Player’s Rep will appreciate and secondly because the first tee shot of the 2010 Tour will be the inaugural shot with the WHV Spoon donated to the WHVGS by the TD and will be presented to the 2009 WHV OoM Winner on the day – I for one will be standing well back.

The Board will drip feed you all with more WHVGS information regarding the coming 2010 Season and society developments by the mediums of both email and the website over the next few weeks – (including the incorporation of a Match Play event and a Skins event within the Tour Calendar) – as the excitement builds towards the commencement of the season proper, but in advance of that gentlemen, I give you the Gibbon…..

The 2010 Gibbon Invitational

The TD and Board would like to announced details for the opening event of the 2010 WHVGS season – The Gibbon Invitational.
This prestigious event will take place at Shirley Golf Club, (see link below), on the afternoon of Saturday 20th March, first tee off at 2pm and will once again ignite the clamour for WHVGS fame and fortune. Last year’s winner of the Gibbon (playing of 20 chuffing 6 – how things have changed…), went on to greatness, I just hope he hasn’t lost the “The Gibbon Cap” :
The damage will be 45 lads per boy including green fees and entry fee although food is extra, albeit reasonably priced.

Further details will be released closer to the day although, for now, you are urged and expected to confirm your attendance by e-mailing the TD at
Not long till somebody hopefully wrestles the prized Gibbon Cap from Nozzer’s swede.
The TD

PS – Congratulations from the WHVGS to the new fathers of Maximillian and Eden who were dropped off by the stork during the closed season – Lets hope that new found fatherhood does not impinge on your ability to get down the range and to compete in the Tour.

Web Donkey Note – If we’re playing the Gibbon at Shirley GC, surely the sweaty cap should be replaced by a Yarmulke. Oy Vey!

Web Donkey Note 2 – Noz has fallen foul of dress code, and behaviour codes, at Shirley GC before. Something about tailored shorts and too-short socks, and using a mobile anywhere except the car park, oh and eating chips in the wrong bar. Gotta wish them luck for the prestigious visit of the WHV.

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