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As you all know the WHVGS 2010 OoM starts on Saturday – the damage is 45 lads per boy, including entrance fee, and people need to arrive by 1.30pm. Directions and course details are available at

During the close season the new 2010 WHVGS Board have been working tirelessly to make the GS even better. If you come on Saturday you may (or may not see) some new arrivals to the legend, which may or may not include the “WHV Big Dog” and the “WHV Shark”….

Other key announcements are:

(a) “R4” – One of the cornerstones of the GS has been tweaked and improved, such that if a player decides to use R4, the ball must be thrown by another Member of the playing group, not themselves.
(b) The Annual WHVGS Membership fee of £10 per year – [All Board Members are already paid up] – The reason for this, is for all Members to invest in the future of the WHVGS, not just in the future of our own individual golf requirements, but we are also collectively investing in the future of Rob’s golf and trying to make him a better golfer, so that he can fully understand and appreciate the rules and the finer aspects of the game of golf – To avoid confusion the Annual Membership Fee must be paid by all Members, annually. This fee falls outside the Financial Model, and it will initially be carried forward towards the 10 year anniversary WHVGS CJ weekender in 2013, which WILL be abroad….
(c) The WHVGS Financial Model has been revised and is attached, please read this as it includes some interesting twists to the funding and payment profile of the GS……

(the financial model will be added to the site shortly)

(d) As always attendance at the 2010 AGM will be compulsory for all Members (who have paid their Annual Membership Fee – which can be paid on night of the AGM) and the Board has every confidence that the 2010 AGM will be better attended this year, (I hope that you have all read the 2010 WHVGS Financial Model – especially Section 4…), only Members present at the AGM will be eligible to vote at the AGM.

(e) New 2010 WHVGS “Designer” shirts will be available shortly, but not in time for the Gibbon.

(f) The WHVGS Ranking points allocation will remain the same as in 2010 and the Handicap mechanic also remains the same – The opening Handicaps for the 2010 OoM will be announced by the Captain before the Gibbon.
That’s all from me, for now.

– Not long since the “WHVGS Legislative” beat the “WHVGS Executive”, on the PR’s own track – Lovely
– Not long til the Gibbon
– Not long til the pre-Gibbon, Guinness fuelled, all dayer at the Cheltenham Gold Cup
– Not long til shouting come on you F’in Trickster until I am “horse” and then watching it get beat by both “Star” and “Man”, but 3rd will be good enough for me, although 1st would be better!

Yours, The Pres

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