As the clock ticked nearer to the first WHV major of the year, in the absence of our leader, it was looking increasingly likely that we might be scrambling around for arrangements.

But WAIT, what’s that? The Idiot came through in reasonably good time, although not enough time for Noz to force Bomber to become a minibus driver for the day.

From Rob

We have lift off:

Saturday @ 1.30pm we have 3 tee times booked for The Brissle Open.

Our host venue is Stockwood Vale GC

‘Bristol’s Most Unique Course’ is thoroughly looking forward to us hacking and chopping our way across their hallowed turf.  It’s a fun course (I’ve played it twice) with some easy, some difficult, and some ‘interesting’ holes.

The green fee is a handsome £17

As it is an afternoon start food can be purchased from the bar, either before or after we make use of the excellent practice facilities on offer.

We currently have  10 entries – which is great (thankyou) – Idiot, Adam, WD, (vote) Ron, Noz (out), Bacon, Bonus, TD, Prof, Aust

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