Due To My Independent Operation, Funding and Ownership of WHVGolf.com, I feel entitled to fulfil my role as honest reporter for the society alongside being its’ administrative dogsbody, so here is the first in what may be a series of Op-Ed pieces from the WD


From being a mutinous malcontent just 12 short months ago, where  he was on the verge of quitting, WHVGolf.com feels duty bound to report more evidence of his complete turnaround.

Now the most zealous promoter of the society, where his efforts and innovations are to be lauded, Ron is displaying worrying signs of megalomania – not enough for him to be part of the board, nor to be acknowledged as the best golfer, ever, to have graced the society, now he wants to WIN IT ALL.

Not content with holding the Red and the Dog (the sting of seeing the Hulk on Noz’s bag must be acute, especially as Bruce has now taken the Shark), Ron has put forward his own view of how the board should resolve my constitutional question about a tie for the yellow.

As Simon has pointed out both him and I are tied at the top of the OOM following the horn – there are no guidelines as to who should wear the yellow vest at the next event.

My suggestions would be:

  • Vest to be worn by player recording the most stableforth points
  • If the above is tied, Vest to be worn by Player with most wins

(Both happen to be Ron by coincidence, but I think the above makes sense)

Captain, over to you..

Isn’t that convenient? Ron, despite complaining that the yellow he wore at the Brissle was tattered and too small, still cannot face not being THE MAN at the Presidents! My own suggestion would have been for both of us to wear yellow…that’s friendly enough. I’d rather not wear the colour that Noz wore last year, I played with him and although he racked up over 40 points, it might have been more without all of the marsh flies buzzing round him. Or we could look at some kind of countback, like we do with everything else.

But no, Ron is mad with power and wants it all – I’m surprised we’ve not seen him in a hybrid Red/Yellow variant polo shirt, crafted at massive expense by immigrant workers, just to remind everyone of his glories.

I have faith in the board…at the moment – he might sweeten the deal again with a ‘board only’ round at his home course again…

Ron feel free to comment, I pride myself on operating a transparent and equitable website!


The Captain weighed in with a clear constitutional summary of the position…

Countback – Simon is in Yellow, Aust is in Orange, Noz has the hulk, the Captain’s team will win the President’s, Pedro Power will not have to pay out 125 nicker & all’s well in the WHVGS world.

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