It’s good to have Rob back actively contributing to the WHV discussions. One of the progenitors of the Vote Ron campaign is starting to appreciate the ramifications of voting something less apathetic than ‘Safe Hands’ Noz onto the board.

His Idiotry stems from the incredulous reaction to the new ‘You Don’t Get Paid Unless You’re At the AGM’ ruling. He’s joined by Bruce in this, although we suspect Bruce to be driven by personal greed rather than the sporting and societal principles of Mr Hall.

PR – how do I go about questioning the board and this (NO) prize money on the day decision without bringing myself/golf/board into disrepute? The last thing I want to do is discredorate the Society. I’ve searched the website but couldn’t find this particular LAW in the constitution. 

Noz, as is customary in 2010, where his handicap means he is no longer cleaning up, and his status with the rest of the normal folk rather than part of the aristocracy, was grumpy (as usual, check the email threads for his new ‘theme’):

You need to raise it with the players rep, good luck with that


You need to raise it with the players rep, good luck with that – Noz


Doubtless faced with a massive inbox queue following his latest extended soujourn, the President still found time to correct Rob on several points.

Working very swiftly in his new role as Board Enforcer Players Rep, Ron weighed in with his response:

You have gone down the right route already by emailing me the Player Rep with your query, so please do not concern yourself or worry about discredorating the society.

The decision relating to the collection of prize money throughout this years tour for payout at the AGM was made by the WHVGS Board prior to the commencement of the 2010 season. During the closed season the Board worked tirelessly to improve the GS, we wanted to make changes, not for changes sake, but for the continuing improvement of the GS and to even further enhance the enjoyment of the Society for it’s members. Our President sent the membership an email before the start of the season detailing such changes, of which I have to say to the delight of the Board have been extremely well received by the membership.

If you have any further issues relating to this or anything else, please feel free to drop me a note. The Players Rep’s door is always open to help with any issues of the membership. 

Rob’s potential uprising was distracted by juvenile discussions about giving Aust the Horn – surely the primary driver for having a Horn as a trophy.

And then bickering with Dougal about not turning up to the Horn.

PS  Aust, (and anyone else who may care to comment,) for a non attendee it would be nice to have a clear understanding as to whether or not the course chosen by the Sponsor for the Brizzle was up to the standard expected for a WHV Major and the result of a last minute scramble to find a course that would take us on a Saturday – In 2009 one of the Members raised a concern that some the Tour / Major courses were not up to scratch so we need to make sure that this won’t be an issue again!

PPS.  I suggest you refer to the discussion that took place at The Brissle Horn, which you didn’t attend………

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