So, the morning three of the Captain’s matchplay was as metrosexual as a round of golf can get. Your WD was intrigued by the ongoing chatter of TD and Millers on their satorial preferences.

Brown legs, shaved chests, techniques for buttering up the Mrs by telling her she had slender ankles or a smooth liver – it was all there to be had between shots. As we started onto the back 9:

Millers: “Tell you where I get a lot of good stuff now – Top Man”

TD: “I Know, cracking”

Shortly thereafter –

TD: “Where’d you get them shorts from – they’re lush”

Millers: “I know mate, bought them off season. The Mrs said I was daft to buy shorts in winter, but you can’t argue with those prices”

TD: “You’ve GOT to shop off season mate, it’s the only way.”

“Oy vey”, “Helluva Boy” etc. etc.

I was a little bewildered, as I tend to either shop at M&S or TK Maxx, or when in the States. All this chatter about Top Man reminded me of when I did give a stuff about looking sharp, and going into Top Man and other shops in Leeds. As Top Man was to Top Shop, Concept Man was to Chelsea Girl. An eighties nightmare of Don Johnson gear, it nonetheless ended up becoming River Island after only a few years – my proof from a Competition Commission report is shown below.

However, Millers thought I’d entered the same twilight world as him and the TD and thought Concept Man was an invention of my mind, a gay fantasy figure to match up to a chap called milko who had or was a big black dildo (or something, I got a little lost as he got giddier).

I promised him I would provide proof of Concept Man, hence this post. I doubt it will make a difference.

I suspect both of my playing partners would be more interested in the current Concept Man – a brand of tanga underwear for muscle men in france. Greggors – you’ll love this site.

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