Our Season is underway – from the desk of the President, all spelling mistakes are his

Dear Members

Happy 2011 to you all, here’s to another year of frenetic WHV golfing competition and, (probably more importantly), a bloody good laugh.
Tour Calendar :

Attached are the hotly anticiparted 2011 OoM dates, so please update your kitchen calendars, iphones, Androids, Blackberrys etc, etc…. to ensure maximum attendance and enjoyment. I also suggest that where possible you should block out the evenings following the Tour events, as there tends to be a couple a cheekies somewhere in the evening to
re-live the highlights and low-lights of the days events.

Finances :

On 1 Jan 2010 our coffers stood at a grand total of  £nil, having spent all the funds at the 2009 AGM, in accordance with the financial model at that time. At the start of 2010 the then Board introduced a more sustainable funding model, focused towards the 10 year anniversary celebrations in 2013 – as a result of these measures at 1 Jan 2011 the WHVGS funds set-a-side for the 2013 CJ stood at just over £500, which is safely residing in the WHVGS Bank a/c.

In addition to this, currently there is also £475 in the WHV a/c from Members paying into the CJ Saving Scheme by way of standing order and one off transfers – This facility is available to all Members and is an easy way to set money aside for WHVGS’ main event each year – this year Celtic Manor. Currently both Noz and I have already paid in £90 (@ £30 per month)
and Butters has paid in a mighty £294.12, without even thinking about it – Just to clarify, if you do decide to use this excellent option I am tracking all individual payments into the account and have details of all the personal balances, so if you do want to start saving for the CJ weekender and need the bank details please let me know and I will provide them.

The 2011 Board have decided to freeze the 2011 annual subs and the competition fees at the 2010 level,  however, we will be collecting the Annual Subs earlier this year rather giving the option to pay at anytime before the AGM.


The new Handicap system is still being worked on, but rest assured it will be ready and circulated in good time for the Gibbon.

Not long til the Gibbon – Noz, don’t forget the Spoon.

Yours, The Pres

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