A new event last year, proving to be a pretty successful, if exhausting, format. Won, just, by Aust, but coming down to the last, and closely fought throughout the day. It was going to be interesting to see what our dynamic and experienced new Captain would do with the event.

Initially we were all set for another day at Stonebridgezzzzzz, but with the prospect of more sideshow entertainment and liberal WHV branding on a friendly track. And then Ron changed it all…

In the Captain’s own words;


Those playing in the Captains Matchplay are going to be in for a right treat…Oh yes indeedy, the new venue is one of the most talked about new golf courses in the UK and is actually owned by Rock Legend K.K Downing, find out more about Astbury Hall by following the link below:

It’s only an hour from Dorridge and well worth the drive.

Whilst this is a new course, the standards and course condition is magnificent, this I have been assured of. Unfortunately there is no onsite catering at the moment, although they can bring some food in from elsewhere, so I will get something sorted for a bite after the golf. There is a bar!

The Captains Matchplay will take place over 18 holes this year and a slightly revised format will be adopted which will include a stableforth scoring mechanic, allowing handicaps to be updated from the competition performance – ideal.

I have provisionally booked 3 tee times from 10.30am and the cost is £30 a man – an absolute bargain.


The latest consideration for the prospective participants is to go with 18 or 36 holes, which would considerably increase the cost, but also produce a more elaborate (one would imagine) format. No word yet, but looking at the website for Astbury Hall, I doubt that all we’ll see is a new tankard presented in a sweaty conservatory….



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The Captain’s Matchplay – Taking the Tour To The Best Courses on Planet Rock

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