Was it really two weeks ago already? I’ll get the match report on soon, but after being hassled by the Captain, here are some shots of the day – clicky/biggy as usual

Nice Gaff

Featuring StratForward?

Excellent Bread to Bacon for the President

Subsequently trumped by the Donk Doorstep (we’d eaten all of their rolls!)


Ron starts the draw – note the ‘freebie’ shoes

Our second stately home of the season

Just a few bugs for Buttery

What’s wrong with this picture?

Putting took on an extra dimension after the turn

Mike is not responsible for the sprinklers

Suddenly, water encouraged the TD to get a bit (more) silly

We have SwingTime film from this unique angle

Early bid for cheeser of the year

Could almost be a promo shot for KK’s signature hole, but not enough of our badge is showing

Slightly more organised and giving than most of our post-event gatherings

Happy winner of the BetRon Sweepstake

Noz and Ron’s waitress

Slight over-celebration for a near the pin spot prize!

Typically cheesy moment from the Pres – wasn’t this for last place?

Finally, a WHV branded ball – most of us got one, which is class

Ron looking happy awarding Pete with the Runner’s Up prize

Signed by the man himself

Mike wins – 40 plus points – no news there, and yet I reckon I’d have had him without 4 blobs on my card!

Mike’s Prize

And the boys get to keep these wonderful items!

Pretty good solid spread for a place without catering!

No idea, but at least little greggors isn’t out
















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