Further to my previous message, I am delighted to be able to confirm the 2012 Tour Calendar as agreed by your Board and as attached.

The observant amongst you will also notice that the Oom Prize structure has also been agreed and we are delighted to be able to announce the revised figures prior to the start of the tour.

The calendar clearly provides a very significant amount of advance notice for what I am sure you will all regard as key events – please therefore put the dates into calendars, electronic diaries, mobile phones or whatever…and also begin and follow-through any negotiations with others to make these events sacrosanct for your attendance next year. Donk – can you also please upload to the website asap please.

Event sponsors – please get thinking about venues, formats, prize structures, nominating proxy organisers and whatever else floats your boat to ensure that we ramp up the tour next year in preparation for the biggie in 2013. With this in mind, I am suggesting that you get your thinking caps on for change and innovation to your event formats next year, with my changes for The Gibbon prize structure attached.


The TD.

This lad out movembered our star Idiot. (clicky for biggie)

2012 Calendar

DateEventLocationEntrance Fee
Sun 26th FebruarySpittle ShieldTBC by Captain5 lads per boy
Sat 24th MarchThe Gibbon InvitationalThe Welcombe, Stratford5 lads per boy
Sat 14th AprilPR SkinsTBC by PR5 lads per boy
Sat 26th MayThe Brissle HornTBC by Idiot10 lads per boy
Sat 23rd JuneCaptain's MatchplayTBC by Captain5 lads per boy
Sat 21st JulyPresident's ClassicThe Warwickshire10 lads per boy
Sat 11th AugustThe Web Donk DownloadTBC by WD5 lads per boy
Sat 15th SeptemberThe PEDRO MastersTBC by PR10 lads per boy
Friday 12th OctoberThe Amy AustinTBC by Juice5 lads per boy
Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th OctoberWHV OpenThe Belfrey20 lads per boy
Saturday 3rd NovemberThe Spoonholder's SalverTBC by Allsopp M5 lads per boy
Saturday 1st DecemberThe end of season social & AGMTBC by PresNA
1) Major events are the Brissle, the Presidents, the PEDRO & the WHV Open
2) All efforts have been made to ensure accuracy although dates and details are subject to change at the discretion of the Tour Director under the agreement of the WHVGS Board.
3) Minor Tournaments may be added to the Tour calendar as agreed by the Tour Director and the WHVGS Board.
4) Entrance fees will be used for event prize funds as well as additional WHVGS overheads approved by the Board. Such overheads may include although not be limited to future funding, tour clothing, beverage purchases and errant betting wagers. Competition green fees will remain the responsibility of individual competitors.
5) Prize fund denoted above shall be the fund allocated to the award of all standard prizes for the event although additional prizes can be funded by others at the discretion of the sponsor and the WHVGS Board.

OoM Prize Structure:
1st - £25
2nd - £15
3rd - £10

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