Going through my inbox today, I found this little treasure, as reported by our former Captain, and sponsor of the prize laden event at which the dereliction of board member duty was spotted

Instead of accepting and cherishing the golf balls he had won during the event, before the prize giving had gone cold, he was in the pro shop, laying on the charm, seeking to swap these items for his preferred Pro V1’s. Members will be pleased to note that he was unsuccessful with his request, but I’m sure I am not alone in being distressed at such an immediate disdain for a prize won fairly against members who would have loved and used the balls.

Proof of the slimey deed – look at that fake smile – he’s running scared.

Oh, and he needs to stop telling me about Mein Land by Rammstein. God help us all if this new Death Metal predeliction carries through the year…


Update from the TD – who prefers email to the comment or facebook system:

All good Mr WD.

For the record, I was successful with my request for the upgrade, although chose to withdraw from the transaction. It was pure coincidence that this happened at the same time as Ronnie entering the Pro Shop…

Members will be pleased to know that the PR and The President are planning a teleconference with each other this Sunday. I believe that normal people refer to this as a telephone call although they seem determined to call it something different. I meanwhile, shall be indulging in golf with fellow WHVGS members and will be leaving the teleconferencing to those two.

Not long till The Spittle.

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