Members, here we debut a new feature on, whereby I pose some pointed questions to the winner of the most recent event. Hopefully Bacon doesn’t win another 6 minors and make this boring too. At the same time, I think Millers got a bit confused about the purpose of the questions and started ranting about the board again. Scroll past the gibberish to find some nice pictures of the day – it was not a good day of golf for the Donk, so there’s not much in the way of on-course action.

Readers should note that the views expressed here reflect those of one Mr Paul Milmore, and not, or the WHV GS, or it’s board, or membership, clearly.

So Paul, congratulations on winning the 2012 curtain raiser, it’s been a while since we saw you in the winners circle. It was as comprehensive a victory as we’ve seen on tour for a while, beating the field by 9 points. How does that feel?

Rob Hall likes to touch me inappropriately

First things first, as this was a three club challenge, which three magic bats did you select to give you a 42 point haul? Talk us through the tactics of your club selection – did you review the course and specific holes before deciding?

I like it when Rob Hall touches me inappropriately

Two birdies in the first four holes, that’s quite a start – tell us how you thought your golf was feeling at that point – we’re you dreaming of challenging Ron’s low round?

Absolutely, I agree and cannot understand the thought process that has led the President to invest such large amounts of our money in third hand, sub-prime spanish holiday let mortage debt either.

Some might say that you are now one of the tour members with a fairly ‘false’ handicap, a ‘Baconcap’ if you will. How would you respond to those people? Is the shame of having a handicap in the 20’s outweighed by the sweet taste of victory?

Bacon is a lying, cheating, bandit swine and to be mentionned in the same breath is a great honour.  I only hope that I can live up to the additional responsibility for the rest of the season.

What of this other controversy, your flagrant statements about having lessons, and ‘rebuilding my swing in the off season’? Your match report is quite open and honest on this matter, was it painful to share this detail?

Again I totally agree and once more can only ask the Board for a description of exactly what a ‘sustainable funding model’ actually is.  It is not surprising that this transparency vacuum has led society members to fill in the blanks and come up with their own answers.

It obviously worked well for the Spittle. Some members believe this is tantamount to cheating, but then they see the purchase of new bats, or shoes, or similar, as a departure from the traditions of the society, so sod them – supports your initiative and we’d be happy to promote your pro if you’re happy to share their details and how much they charge…

Another really great question and I’m glad you have raised this but until the Board have ansered the ‘rip off your mates for our own financial gain’ funding model question above, it is clearly impossible to be exactly sure what has happened to the £3,682 of members money that the President withdrew in cash from the society bank account of 24th October 2011.

Looking at the tour season that lies ahead of us – what is your ambition for the season? I know you were quite bullish in the match report, but now your blood has cooled a little, how do you really feel? More minor wins? An assault on the OoM? That elusive first Major? Or are you aiming for the ultimate poison chalice, victory at the 2012 Jug and a key say in what happens in 2013? I think we’d all be a little worried about the prospect of a pre Jug Friday night organised by Millers, especially if we’re overseas…

The Miller sweep is on.  Fact.  To those of you who say that we have been here before and why is the fool getting carried away after winning only his second minor in 5 years, then i say: you are probably right.

Apart from yourself, who are you tipping for tour success this year? Are we looking at a third year of Baconation, or is someone else going to dominate the tour? And who needs to book their ideas up?

Bacon is a genius who has single handidly arrested and reversed the tidal flow of cash from us to the Board, through devious and cheating means.  I am once more flattered and humbled by the comparision but fearful that I will not live up to this role model.

Finally, thanks for answering our questions, good luck for the season ahead – feel free to share any thoughts with our readers, and do you have the number for that 19 year old babysitter?

No thank you for this opportunity, allbeit through a top down and Board imposed piece of pointless process that has been brought in with no consultation or agreement from the wider membership.  Again.  At least it hasn’t cost be any actual cash.  This time.


So endeth the insanity, at least until the next Millers victory – here’s some more pictures – clicky to biggy

Hanging Around

I can offer 2 to 1 if you don't stake more than a pound

Bacon Spoons Us Off, Again

A Nice Sunny Day

TD misses another putt

There were a lot planes


Gathering at the 18thMoments after holing out on a 42 pointer



Beating a hasty retreat

Did everyone fill out their customer satisfaction form?

Noz presents Bacon with the shark, with his usual grace

Someone was pleased - when will he leave an event empty handed?

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