It would have been remiss of me not to share the TD’s view of some of the match reporting…

Couple of points of clarity…

In open play, the TD did not lose a match and was only judged to have lost on countback via longest drive. In the first case, he was outdriven by Baxter who, by his own admission, was tonking it off the tee. In the second case, he hit if further than Peter (who had murdered his) although found the first cut.

It was a steak slice, mash and gravy.

The TD.

On a separate note, it may interest the membership to know that it transpired after the game that Baxter showed a complete lack of bottle and flair by entering a secret side bet before the final 9 to split the proceeds of their respective GambleGibbon bets with Nozzle, his competitor and playing partner, whatever the outcome of their match. Girls.

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