Happy winner, Happy Sponsor

Happy winner, Happy Sponsor

The Gibbon Invitational 2013

I would urge all members to get sucked into what promises to be a quality golfing extravaganza for the second tour event of the season on Sunday 3rd March. The venue will again be the Menzies Welcombe Hotel, Spa and Golf Club, Warwick Road, Stratford-upon-Avon, CV37 0NR www.welcombehotelstratford.co.uk/golf.aspx

Bacon Rolls and Coffee will be served in the Ryder Suite from 12.00 midday and the golf will commence at 1.04pm on the 6288 yards par 70championship course,  which includes three par fives and five par threes.

As well as the Gibbon Cap for the winner, the field will be competing for the shark headcover for nearest the pin on the 6th and the dog headcover for the longest drive on the 16th – these prizes will again be supplemented by the presentation of the Antique Clear bottle and the Antique Green bottle respectively and there will also be a prize awarded for the straightest drive on the 8th. The last-placed entrant will also of course be required to see off the contents of the WHVGS foot and a half in view of the membership following the event.

The prize structure for the event will follow the tried, tested and superior format as attached and following the golf, the players will return to the Ryder Suite for Chicken & Mushroom pie with seasonal vegetables and new potatoes.

The entire cost of this fabulous event will be £40 per person inclusive of competition entry fees – please therefore inform me as soon as possible that you plan to get sucked in.

Optional additional costs

Buggies – £25 – please advise if you would like one booked.

Range tokens – £3 for 40 balls.

Strokesaver cards – £4.

GambleGibbon wagers – £1 minimum, £5 maximum.



PS – if you are the current custodian of the cap or either of the bottles and are not able to attend, then please make arrangements to give these to a participating member prior to the event – failure to do so will probably result in an arbitrary sample of the Board/Membership randomly enacting a ruling that you lose your house and the clothes off your back with no prior consultation or notification of the new ‘rule’.

Let me know kids.

Chris Gregory

Gibbon Invitational Prize Structure 2013

1.     Background

As part of a continuing drive to bring change, innovation and evolution to the WHVGS and to stave off the destructive apathy of change-aversion, the TD event sponsor aims to continue to reflect the air of inclusion, involvement and participation which the TD event sponsor has consistently championed in relation to the society. The following prize structure will therefore apply for the Gibbon Invitational along the following principles:

  • To encourage maximum participation in the event.
  • To reward all of those who participate.
  • To foster competition throughout the event, with the creation of a system whereby every Stapleforth point counts.

2.     The system

As many members as possible will be encouraged to participate in The Gibbon and this will hopefully be enhanced by the choice of a super course, The Welcombe in the beautiful, historic and well-managed town of Stratford-upon-Avon.

So now for the algebra…

If we assume that the total number of entrants is X…

  • The total tour income on the day will be X multiplied by a meagre 5.
  • The total prize fund will be X multiplied by 2.5.
  • The total retained society funds will also be X multiplied by 2.5.

If we then assume that the total number of Stapleforth points scored by all entrants is Y…

  • The prizes will be allocated on the basis of the total prize fund (X multiplied by 2.5) will be divided by Y (the total Stapleforth points scored by all entrants) to give a figure which we will assume is called Z (the mean value of each Stapleforth point scored in relation to the total prize fund).
  • The prize per person will then be calculated based on the number of points they scored on the day multiplied by Z. This will then be rounded to the nearest penny and adjustments made to ensure that the total winnings allocated are equal to the total prize fund.

In this way, everybody will be a cash winner and every Stapleforth point will count towards each player’s individual winnings on the day.

Spot prizes will be procured and awarded by the TD event sponsor for longest drive, nearest the pin and straightest drive and the winner will of course also receive the coveted Gibbon Cap, whilst the last-placed entrant will be required to down the contents of the WHVGS Yard and a Half in the clubhouse in full view of the Society.


Not long till the Gibbon.

The TD event sponsor, February 2013.

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