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WHVGS’ers – Last Saturday saw the 2013 WHVGS Tour commence…. The Match report has already been submitted and given the Winner it is well worth a read – however, I can’t send it round, because it is quite lively and not “corporate firewall” safe. To read “Miller retains Spittle Shield to set up clean sweep, again”, get yourself onto the website later this week….

A few things to note from Saturday are:

– Your new Captain provided all entrants with a complementary WHVGS 2013 Calendar – Excellent work Donk

– The 1968 West Germany Munich Pottery Stein with Naff Hinged Metal Lid – Was not present

– The President’s Buckle – Was not present

– The Big Dog is either stray, in a pound or has been taken in by the travellers in Meriden

– Pal’O owes the Society £20 for his splendid new shirt

– Noz, who went through a long fallow period early last year, whilst controlling the handicaps – only to sweep the AA and CJ weekend with 3 back to back 40 pointers, to win both the OoM and the CJ. On Saturday he carded a career low point scoring 11 points, when everyone else was above 30…

Next three events:

3rd March – Please can you inform Gregs if you are going to play the Gibbon at the Stratford Welcome in less than 2 weeks time?

20th April – Miller over to you for the PR Skins…

18th May 2013 – THE BRISSLE – The first Major of the year – Please tell Rob if you wish to play, although he has yet to inform us of the location or the price…


PS – The Blakemore Brothers – Welcome to the wonderful world of the WHVGS email group… Enjoy!

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