Sent to the board, but I believe this will be of interest to several members (although there is nothing in the picture to prove it has been taken in the last few days!)

As the Pres pointed out this week there are some outstanding matters from the Spittle that need clearing up. I hope that the picture below deals with 2 of them. I do not pretend that it was right or acceptable to forget these 2 pieces of society tatt on Saturday. I will gladly except motown readings or vimtos or the like as suitable punishment. However, here they are, as you can all see, in the warm, in my possession, alive, well and not suffering unspeakable torment and horror at the hands of gypsies.


The issue of Noz fiddling the hcaps to collect stars. We know he has been at it for years, he’s even basically admitted to it, but impossible to prove so we have to move on.

So, that just leaves the dog as the remaining piece of outstanding society business from Saturday does it not? Oh dear, oh deary deary deary dear indeed.

So if the Pres can forward a piccy of the dog safe and well we can put this whole dismal start to the season behind us. By safe and well I do not mean burning alongside the tires in an old oil drum having been treated to the Romany equivalent of a Barrymore pool party.

Please send the piccy Dougal, come on now, jokes are over player.



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