I’m sure that if you’re playing tomorrow, you’re as intrigued as I am by what the eccentric genius of Pedro will bring to the original design of a format crafted by Ron in during his peak of wicked creativity when he was the players rep.

Here’s some detail;

  • the Skins returns to Ingon Manor, the site of the unveiling of the Hip Flask – one of the more elusive society assets
  • When the event was held at this course in the past, the President won
  • Arrived and fed by 11.30 to get through the necessary complex admin.
  • The event is sponsored by Pedro Power, and therefore has its patented final fourball; with an £5 per par 3 nearest-the-pin  competition for the 3 most prolific punters & Pedro.
  • The core skins format will be as per Ron’s design; which is 1 competition skin per hole won outright on Stapleforth score; plus one each for the Dog and the Shark. In a slight nod to Millers’ lunacy each fourball has its own skins match (stapleforth holes only) with a competition skin for the winner, decided on last match skin won in the event of a tie. There will also be a skin for the best overall stapleforth score, best front nine and best back nine.
  • Everybody receives a bonus shot to be used on any hole they fancy, to be determined prior to the match. They must inform Pedro of the hole they will apply it to when visiting him to bet (betting is not compulsory but visiting Pedro with your playing card is). No betting visit, no bonus shot. Not waiting to bet by 11.30? – risk missing your betting visit.
  • Standard prize pot is will be generously supplemented by the  Sponsors to make each skin equal a note.  1 = £(50) per skin 2-4(20); 5-8(10); 9-16(5). If there are more than 16 skins earned on the day, the least valuable skins will earn nowt. Conceptual value of skins is (highest value first): Dog, Shark, holes in countback order (18th most valuable),match skins,stapleford (18, back 9, front 9). Winners of notes can probably double their money playing note-poker with Pedro.
  • Winner player who has earned most skins. Remaining competition positions will be Donked after the event; ties are  decided by the value structure above and persons with no skins will equally share the remaining WHVGSRPs (rounded down)

Is that clear? The only handicap impact of this event will be a winners penalty

I’m looking forward to Donking tomorrow, I’m sure I will learn something!

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