When the original order for WHV shirts was placed, a number of important shirts of honour were procured. I believe it was four each of the Yellow and Orange – in sizes from Medium to XXL, and one Red.

At the moment, the board knows of the location of just a couple of these shirts. I believe I have the big lad yellow – as a result of being the tour leader. I think that Doug has an orange somewhere.

The board has conferred and is willing to allow anyone holding a WHV honour shirt to return it, laundered as per the rules, anonymously to any member of the board without fear of punishment.


Some of these shirts have seen better days, so we may well refresh our shirtage with some lovely new kit – the board is discussing financing this activity from our lobster pot – we will let you know how we get on.

Suffice to say that once we do get new shirts, we will track them carefully – and once the shirts are available, wearing them will once again become mandatory for the holders. We have made arrangements for anyone who doesn’t follow these key parts of the WHV constitution.


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