Just Days to Go until we play lots of golf instead of watching lots of golf – once again the Presidents clashes with the Saturday of the Open.

We’ve had an update from the President himself, who took last years Miracle at Medinah comeback by the Captain’s boys in the afternoon singles pretty hard, so let’s see what kind of changes he’s made to the format…and whether the Warwickshire have stepped up their game when it comes to society catering (we all know if you’re paying at the bar, you mysteriously get a much better standard of nosebag).

You will also notice the sleight of hand to disguise the change in point scoring under the guise of buying a bunch of Pints at the Jug, a policy he was very much against less than 12 months ago – good to see that we can enjoy our own political U-turns, just like those losers in Whitehall.

This is me expressing my personal opinion as the Web Donk, not as the Captain – I relish every challenge laid before me, and if Mr Four Green Jackets chalks up a win for his team, good luck to them. As Captain, I support all innovation proposed by event sponsors, even those with the power to unilaterally effect the number of ranking points awarded without review by other members of the bored

Now, I need to decide what colour shirt to wear on the day, as I have the choice of four. Don’t forget your suncream and or raingear – we’ve had extremes of both in recent years.


Chaps – We are the small, but perfectly formed “Presidential Eight” for the 2016 President’s Classic: The President, The Captain, The Aust, Noz, Mike, Special K, Tom and Woolly.

The details are: Saturday 16th July – The Warwickshire, (Leek Wootton, Warwick, CV35 7QT), cost is a very reasonable £65 (inc buggies all day, 36 Championship holes, bacon baps & coffee for breakfast and lunch) – plus £10 competition fee. There are also, up to Four FREE Pints at the Claret Jug on offer to each player…

We are trialling a switcheroo this year…. How exciting… We are having the Singles and the Major in the morning and the Mutliball Stapleforth in the afternoon. We are also changing the Ryder Cup style scoring. There will be 1 Ryder Cup point available for the morning singles matches – which could be halved, but there will be 3 available points for the Mutliball Stapleforth pairs, (Front, Back and Overall). The President will provide a Free Pint at the 2016 Claret Jug for any whole Ryder Cup points earned
during the day. For Example if you win your singles match and win the Pairs 2.5 to 0.5, you would win 3 Pints at the 2016 Claret Jug curtsey of your President.

7.40(ish) am – Coffee and bready bacon rolls on arrival – Team Selection Process
8.40 am – King’s Course – “Singles” and the Major
1.20pm approx – “Chef’s one course Special”
2.15 pm – Earl’s Course Mutliball Stapleforth Pairs
7.00(ish) pm – Prize giving

Also, for any of you who haven’t competed quite so regularly this year, the President’s is a great way to make your mark on the OoM, before the second half of the year push towards a wet weekend on the Devon coast. The RPs on offer are:

– Standard Major RPs for the “Major”
– Each member of the winning Ryder Cup team receives an additional 10 RPs, and
– Each individual competitor receives WHVRPs for every Ryder Cup Point that they win as an individual and as part of their Mutliball Scramble pair, (rounded up at the end of the day to a full point), which means that there are further WHVRPS available to everyone.

ALSO – Please can you both colours to WHV Shirt with you if you have two and have both colours…

Yours, The Pres.

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