As communicated via WhatsApp earlier this week, the Captain is notifying members of one minor and one major amendment to section T9 – Handicaps – of the WHV Constitution.

Firstly – the new member maximum – “the Kerr Bandit Amendment”;


New members handicaps will be allocated based on the information supplied by the introducing member, to a maximum value of 24. If this handicap proves to be lenient, the introducing member will be penalised as will the new member suitably as agreed by the Board.

Secondly – the dual handicap recognition – “the Honourable Huge Amendment” – which is entirely new;


Any WHV member who is also a member of a golf club is expected to declare their maintained CONGU handicap to the Captain, who will record detail of it in the WHV Handicap System. Members with a WHV and CONGU handicap will contest events on the lower of the two handicaps. The WHV Handicap System will record both values independently to ensure that any WHV handicap adjustments for victories, late match reports or other imposed penalties are appropriately accounted for. If a member is found not to have declared his latest CONGU handicap to the Captain and that has resulted in an advantage for that member, then the Board will consider an appropriate penalty, which may include, but is not limited to, the removal of WHVRPs and victories from the member.


It is the view of the Captain that both of these amendments have been discussed extensively and accepted without need for a formal meeting and vote of the society. If any member has cause for concern with these amendments, they should address them directly to a board member.

The Captain also notes that many members have been honourable in observing the previously unwritten expectations now enshrined in T9.16 and thanks them on behalf of the Society for their honesty. This amendment has been named after Huge for his insistence on playing off his strict club handicap at WHV Opens generally, like a gentleman (on the course, if not romantically), rather than taking delight in having a few extra (in his case 10) shots per round.

Note that the overall 2017 update of the WHV Constitution to reflect activities and shenanigans from the past 5 years – such as the abolition of the position of Tour Director – is an ongoing activity that will be communicated here.

The WHV Handicaps ahead of the 2017 Brissle will be updated immediately (or after a spot of breakfast) to recognise T9.16


Not long til Burnham & Berrow.

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