Suffering from Mid August scheduling, and following the Mindtwist – the Download is becoming part of a longer day than the President’s. Except my golf watch says the round took well under four hours, which is a bit of a novelty for WHV. Granted, just six hardy souls tee’d it up at West Mids. Sicknote Miller cried off. PK had a go go dancing job. Donk, Noz, Boyce, Juice, Gregs and Pete were the challengers.
Once again, the magnificent golden trophy was absent – assumed to be somewhere at Aust’s dad’s house.
West Mids was, well, what you expect. I don’t mind it – the greens weren’t terrible and the knobhead count was very low. We even had a member in our midst. This is the 6th time we’ve used West Mids as a venue – the only repeat winner happens to be one Mr Milmore, wonder why he booked us in here?
Anyway, Noz was feeling his usual fit self, and had gone for a buggy – this is after riding shotgun with Sicknote Miller in the morning. Members will know I have been struggling signficantly with my own back for a while, leading to some uncharacteristically low scores and a lot of heavy duty pharmaceuticals to numb the pain – so I gladly hopped into Noz’s wagon. This meant poor Pete was trudging on his own in our three. The other three, teeing off first, were Juice, Boyce and the WMGC member himself – trying to fudge a proper card in.
I started with a six, happy days. At least this event saw me back up to 12, gaining back a stroke from penalties for previous wins. Things ticked along nicely enough for the Captain – couple of pars, birdie on the fourth – saw me to the turn in 41 shots, keeping enough of a lead over Noz to keep him interested but not in full wind up mode. A disappointing double on another short hole on the back nine annoyed me, and I shanked a nine iron on the 17th – particularly aggravating as I had a chance at breaking 80. In the end it was an 81, for 39 points – three clear of Noz, with Gregs in third. Typical, probably going to get cut for winning a six man event worth 12 RPs, and where the trophy I’d bought wasn’t available. My watch says I was on 8 Greens in Regulation and took 32 putts.
Anyway – Noz out drove me on the dog by about a yard, 270 or so. And Boyce won the shark on the island green, and was useless at telling the 2nd group if they were wet or dry.
Here are some pictures – the benefit of being in the Donk group is that you will get some helpful swing shots to analyse. I will also do some work on some slow mo action.

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