Player Name: Arran Brownron

Also Known As: Ron, Ronnie
Society Position: Official Low Man, unofficial Chief Mutineer
Joined the Tour in:

Bio: The measure of the man is visible when the members off 28 handicap look scared when he stands on the first tee. A prodigious hitter off the tee, a silky mid iron game, with the deftest of short games make this man still a danger off scratch. Rarely goes away empty handed from an event, he needs to make more of the minors and majors to challenge for the overall tour prize. Surely a club team match or even a county match is not as important as ‘The Gibbon’ and it’s associated ranking points. The members of the society are looking forward to the next Ash/Brown wager. Wether it be golf/cards/throwing stones at fish in a pond, it is all welcomed with anticipation.

Ron’s own email signature reads:

King of The Hulk
Owner of ‘Rons Hulk’
Multiple Winner of The Hulk
The Real Big Dog
WHV Claret Jug Past Champion
King of the ‘Lowest Gross’
Reigning King of the Motown Bicester

Disciplinary Issues: Party to the ‘Sharking’ Incident at the 09 Presidents, for which he was fined one Motown Bolton

Events Entered:



Hulk Victories:

Nearest-the-Pin Victories:

Strengths: Good at Golf

Weaknesses: Playing off scratch does him no favours against the streaky high handicappers

What’s in the Bag?: Only the best for Ron – I bet he’s got a Scotty Cameron like the TD

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Hulk Ron · 29/09/2009 at 7:41 pm

Nice Legs

Ron · 04/03/2010 at 4:26 pm

Great Swing

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