Player Name: Bruce Hopkinbruce

Also Known As: Juice
Society Position:

Joined the Tour in:

Bio: The most improved of the Society one would think, but also the Society’s biggest whinger. Moaned after winning the tour that he had to write a report. Finally delivered, having rewrote the rule book on late delivery of paperwork which had previously been ommitted. Also then had the audacity to maon about his handicap being cut, having swept the board last year. It’s a pity because with his ever improving game he could also do more damage this year. A marked man, who always seems in relative control. Noticable that players want to know ‘How Bruce is doing’ when out on the course competing. Good to see him wearing The Green Jacket (NOT the Augusta copy) with pride at the season opener, keeping up the traditions of the tour. Hasn’t been told yet but there is a motion in place regarding handicap adjustment on general play – you have been warned.

Disciplinary Issues:

Not looking gormless

Not looking gormless

Events Entered:
2009 – Gibbon, Spittle
2007 WHV Open, 2009 Spittle


Hulk Victories:

Nearest-the-Pin Victories:
2009 Spittle, 2009 Amy Austin

A great big hitter off the tee, if a little wayward


Any other part of his game

What’s in the Bag?:

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