Player Name: Curt Lanmancurtblast

Also Known As: Curnips
Society Position: Apparel Provision

Joined the Tour in:

Bio: The Fastest Swinger in the World. One can only marvel at the strength of this mans spine, to withstand a practice swing of so many G’s. Surely he will break the sound barrier soon, the tour looks forward to that first ever sonic boom reverberating aroung the course where the members will simply nod at each other and say ‘he’s done it’. Surely it won’t be long before he arrives at the course with his own pimped up golf buggy, lowered with 20 ” chrome rims. Not realised his full golfing potential, but with more consistent playing he could do some damage.

Disciplinary Issues:

Events Entered:

Victories: 2008 Presidents


Hulk Victories:

Nearest-the-Pin Victories:



What’s in the Bag?:

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