Player Name: Dougal BaxterBaxter

Also Known As: Pres, Boogal, Dug, Baxter

Society Position: President & Founder

Joined the Tour in: The Beginning

Donk Says: too nice to all of you by far, taking on too much responsibility and genuinely caring about running a society for his mates. Hides how seriously he takes his golf quite well too, but he does. Having had the pleasure of driving him back from Dartmouth after his second Jug win, I can confirm that he did not take off the jacket, or indeed put down the jug, for the whole 3 hour trip.

This man bleeds WHV blue – long may he be the man in charge.

Bio (from old site): The Society President, committee member and all round bearded wonder. Was in the driving seat on the second day of the CJ Championship last Autumn, but unfortunately that was at 7am in Buxton as he prepared to head back to challenge for the trophy from a prior engagement. Such are the trappings of a man who is in great demand. Hopefully he can shrug off the disappointment of the Back 9 on Sunday and fire back with some quality golf this season again. His game is on the edge of good things, with short game practice being the essential area for improvement. With a shovel for a driver he is not lacking in length (!!!) so with his shots he should look to turn on the afterburner this year. Good things expected.

Disciplinary Issues: Infrequent, often very very small beer – a bit of a goody two shoes to be frank

Events Entered: most of them (until Donk-a-Metrics becomes Donk-a-matic, this will have to do)

Victories: 2008 WHV Open, 2010 WHV Open, 2011 Players Rep Skins

Big Dogs Won:

Sharks Won: Day One at the 2011 WHV Open

Strengths: Long off the tee, can go on a ‘hot streak’, known to chip in too often for a duffer

Weaknesses: Putting, irons, fairway woods, facial hair, being too nice

What’s in the Bag?: Believed to have recently upgraded his bats to the FatShafts. Drives a TaylorMade (or a Ping). Don’t know about the putter.

Does not have a range finder, or ‘app’ on his phone. He’s lucky to still have a phone.

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Images Featuring Dougal

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Vintage Imagery courtesy of Hall Archives


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