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2009 OoM Prices

Player's Rep1/5
The Profevens
The Web Donkey3/1
The Aust4/1
Mike B8/1
The Pres10/1
The TD20/1
Place is 1/4 odds 1st to 4th

Notes: No bets on the OoM will be accepted whilst a WHVGS event is in progress, or in the week following a WHVGS event (to allow for re-adjustment of prices)

Outstanding Wagers

Here’s what’s been laid on the OoM so far:

GamblerBackingStakeType of BetAccepted?Odds / ReturnsRejected?
TDHimself10 ladsTo Win Yes - though *odds cut to 7/1 if no idiotic behaviour during at least 2 of the majors
Awaiting Stake
Returns £150 or £80 as appropriate
NozAust5 ladsTo WinYes5/1 returns £30
NozWeb Donkey5 ladsTo WinYes7/2 returns £22.50
IdiotHimself10 ladsTo WinNoNot applicableOdds on slip were 7/1 when price was 3/1
NozHimself10 ladsTo WinNoNot applicableOdds on slip were 3/1 when price was evens
PresRon5 ladsEach WayYes10/1 Not sure?

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