These should be current at all times, except for when I can’t ‘donk’ immediately after an event – hence why the tables tell you which event they include performance up to…

Pay attention to the little icons at the bottom of these tables – they’ll let you ‘pop’ the tables out.

2017 Season

 Money List


Career Stats

You can scroll across on this one to see Dogs and Sharks and other stats

2016 Season

End of 2015 Season


Stuff below this line goes back to the old, old days, preserved for interest only

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Order of Merit

Money List

Money won in tour events – side bets and other ‘entertainments’ are not included.

King of the Fives

Most stapleforth points scored on Par 5 holes on tour

King of the Threes

Most stapleforth points scored on Par 3 holes on tour

King of the Blobs

Holes where no stapleforth points have been scored. Sorted by blobs per round after complaints from Ron/Idiot (i.e. the WHV Putsch)

Stapleforth Points

Points scored on tour – ranked bypoints per hole

Gross Scores

Sorted by low round of the year

09 gross

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Miller · 04/10/2015 at 5:53 pm

Donko, where is even an acknowledgment of my gross eagle that included holing out a 117 yard wedge on one of the most beautiful and challenging holes we play all year at a proper course? Eh? Miller

Web Donkey · 04/10/2015 at 6:24 pm

Where did that happen? Was it in a match report?

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