SealI have great pleasure to announce the details of the inaugural Captain’s Cup – However, for convoluted reasons, this will also involve a trek down the M5. For those keen to make the journey, the trip could include at least one night out in Woolacombe and the attendance at “Wayne’s 50th Birthday Bash” – For those of you who have no idea who Wayne is, he is the bar man at the “Jube”, who has “looked after” a number for the last 15-20 years, anyway it’s sure to be a good knees up – Over the years many of us have been chewed up and spat out by Combe largely at the hands of Wayne. In respect of the current GS Board, I know for certain that the President has been sick on his bar, the TD has exposed himself (whilst sporting a broken leg, during an England game), the Players Rep has filled his 4 skin full of vodka and squirted it into someone’s eye and Captain (after 12 pints) has tried to buy a bottle of whisky from him for 60 quid, in the middle of the afternoon, whilst his trousers were round his ankles…

For details of “Wayne’s Birthday Bash” logistics please correspond with the Solihull contingent’s coordinator “

As for the golf – We are playing at Ilfracombe – – £30 green fees and we’re teeing off from 11.00, so for those leaving on Saturday morning, its an early start to cover 200 miles before we shank one out of bounds on the first! – Ilfracombe Golf Course has a patchy, but close association with the WHVGS over the years and is one for the Society’s purists – It is a good chance to bag some more OoM points before the ranking points crescendo between 2-4th October and it can’t be that hard, because the reigning Ilfracombe champion (Last played 2006) is the Proff.

Please confirm your attendance at the Captain’s Cup to the Captain :

Ilfracombe Golf Club also likes to promote the “The Spirit of Golf”, which I like to think is in accordance with the underlying values of the WHVGS:

“Golf is a science – the study of a lifetime – in which you may exhaust yourself but never your subject! It is a contest, a duel, or a melee, calling for courage, skill, strategy and self-control. It is a test of temper, a trial of honor, a revealer of character. It affords the chance to play the man and act the gentleman. It means going into Gods out-of- doors, getting close to Nature, fresh air, an exercise – a sweeping away of mental cobwebs, genuine recreation of the tired tissues. It is a cure for care, an antidote to worry. It includes companionship with friends, social intercourse, opportunities for courtesy, kindness and generosity to an opponent. It promotes not only physical health, but moral force.” – Found in scrap book cutting, from the Ilfracombe Chronicle – dated 21st August 1922


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