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Chaps – Of the 17  paid up 2012 WHVGS Members, I believe that we are expecting 15 to attend the 2012 AGM, the errant 2 Members who are kissing good bye to their winnings for the year and donating it to the GS are:


  • Coops – 2 events entered £5 won
  • Huge – 3 events entered £Nil won, outstanding fine £20 for not wearing a WHVGS shirt on the 2010 Course for the first round of the 2012 CJ



Everyone else should be in attendance – happy days – however if you are not, you will also be donating your winnings to the GS.


We shall aim to meet at All Bar One in Brindley Place at  5.00 – 5.30pm on Saturday 3rd December (, for a couple of looseners and then we shall head off to the below par Bowling Alley in the ar5e3nd of town for the End of Year Sporting Challenge for the WHVGS Red, the holder for the last 2 consecutive years being Ronnie.


We shall then play it ear, but ultimately and not to late, end up in a dubious curry house, (much to the delight of the, current, TD) for nose bag and the 2012 AGM proper, including the prize giving**


Some things that you might want to think about are….


  • Who you want as Captain, TD and Players Rep
  • Who you want as the 2012 SPOTY
  • Whether or not you want to move the CJ to mid season or leave it at the end
  • Whether or not you want to increase the Tour competition fees and/or annual subs to put aside for the growing 2013 kitty – that should be interesting…. and for the record the current Board are split 50:50 on this
  • Whether or not the 2013 CJ extravaganza should be left to discretion of the 2012 CJ winner or let 2012 or 2013 Board decide?
  •  Whether or not the Winner of the OoM should be an automatic  5th Board Member for the following year, to make Board an odd number and to remove some power from the Pres…







Not long til, Chav Bowling, dirty curry and a new WHVGS Board, voted by you the Members.




Yours, The Pres



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