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Happy winner, Happy Sponsor

1 point victory in the Gibbon Invitational  is dedicated to the Jeff Ritter Golf App.


You couldn’t have picked a better day to play golf in March. The weather was hot, the course was in great nic, the golf wasn’t to bad and Curt made a rare appearance.

This year the Gibbon attracted 12 members and Ron. Unfortunately our 1st ever category Z golfer couldn’t make it but we look forward to his return.

A lot of expectation was on Millers, who had won the first tournament of the year and was looking for a clean sweep, who had been continuing with the lessons he had over the winter period. However, after coming last in this event with 22 points I think he needs to ask his instructor what the 7 iron up the arse is really about??? To make matters worse for him he was seen to fall over whilst on the 16th tee trying to put his tee into the ground. The result of a bad day was having to down a foot and half of lager, which he managed to mess up as well.

From what I can tell the golf was generally ok, with no one having a really great day. By the sound of things if Web Donk’s putter had been working he would have walked away with the title. But as it wasn’t it meant I won the very sort after Gibbon Cap. (which even in the state it is in is worth more than the money I got for winning!!)

In addition, our tournament organiser, the TD, had proudly declared that he had 3 new prizes up for grabs. The 1st being 3 Srixon golf balls, which had won at last years Captain, for the nearest to the pin in 2. 2nd a empty green bottle of becks, which he had removed the sticker and claimed was an antique, for the Shark. And the 3rd one was a dirty bottle, for the Big Dog, which looked as if a big dog had used it for something else.

Over all it was a great day and thank you to the TD for organising it.


Winner                                    Bruce                                       36 points

2nd                                           Web Donk                               35

3rd                                            Dougal                                     35


Big Dog                                   Idiot

Shark                                       Noz

Shark in 2                                Campo

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