As Millers so eloquently put it at the 19th – “Fecking Hell, didn’t know we were playing Passchendaele today”.

Bacon at the Signature 2nd Hole

Fair to say that the season curtain raiser was a shambles – the course was in shocking condition, the holes for the Big Dog and Shark were not pre-ordained, there was no Breakfast at all, the tee off times ensured a finish in twilight/darkness for most of the field, temporary tees amongst earth moving equipment, driving rain.

Even the Prof was disappointed by the proximity of ‘traffic’ and decided that the TD should get grief for delivering Netto Quality golf at Waitrose prices. He did not like the main road by the tee.

Busy Week at Shirly GC

However, before we got to see just how wet, muddy and rubbish the course was, we were full of optimisim for the season ahead. There were even on-course prices for the event and the OoM, with the Web Donkey installed as favourite for the big one, despite his New Dad and Post-Op status meaning he’s off the fags and sausages – just ask Darren Clarke how hard it is to golf without those two items in your pocket.

Board Members Dream of Their Ideal Nicknames

As the event sponsor was running late due to either a late lunch or a black eye, it fell to the President to do the first ball drop of the year.

New players rep gets everywhere...

Eventually Noz got us underway with the WHV Spoon…

Nicola took her Lady Driver back

As for the results – Bruce won, but that will all follow in his match report, and when I get the chance to put the scores in the system.

Not long till Combe/Spittle Shield

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