With apologies for the delay – I wasn’t at the Horn…the TD doesn’t really put his back into the answers for this one

Q: How did winning your first major in 5 years feel? Did the little Gibbon get a bit of blood flow in him?

I prefer to think of it as winning my second major – time is a relative concept – being a winner is timeless.

Q: Having played with you a number of times when you’re in contention, or even winning, were you aware that you were putting together a victory round in a key major? Not having seen the card I don’t know if you finished with a charge or with a whimper. Did you nearly blow the horn? Was there a massive amount of celebration, and did it include the removal of items of clothing?

If I’m honest, I was disappointed with my back 9 although this was more to do with not knowing the course than being a girl. I genuinely thought that Pete had carded 39 points when I finished so I was actually pleasantly surprised to have been victorious. As noted in my report, my attempt at blowing the horn in victory resembled a poor attempt at blowing up a hot water bottle.

Q: How much do you think this win came down to you turning the corner with your golf to get back amongst the challengers, and how much to a slightly elevated handicap? Personally, whvgolf.com thinks you should be in the group with Millers, Donk and Juice (and Aust if we ever see him again) – half decent but inconsistent, rather than with the proper golfers like Ron or Campo, or even the Idiot, or the Wild Things like Doug, Curt or Pedro (I’m not sure where Bacon and Noz fit in except in a mutual antagonism class of their own). You hit a good drive and as sweet a three iron as anyone and can hole a monster putt – was that what was happening at the Horn?

Bit of both – to be fair, the current handicapping system is working very well and allows anybody to score well on their day. Forget any other comparisons, it’s all about me versus Baxter every time.

Q: Do you think you’ve peaked too early by contending at the Skins, Brissle and Captains? Are you going to press on and take advantage of your handicap advantage and wear Yellow all the way to the AGM? Who looks like your major opposition?

I plan to play badly for the rest of the season before romping home at the Jug and winning the Tour. I also then plan to win the end of season sporting event. My only opposition is the several other sides to my personality.

Q: Where would you take the Tour if your form holds and you don’t drink yourself out of winning the Jug?


Q: Finally, how are you finding the challenge of running GambleGibbon? Previous tour bookies were either mathematical geniuses, or inveterate gamblers, and generally covered their risks, a concept that seems to take a back seat to the lure of getting another fiver staked by offering some generous or ridiculous odds. Do you see yourself running this service for longer than PedroPower or BetRon? What prices are you offering for the Presidents Classic? And have you got some view of the OoM yet?

Running GambleGibbon is just another hurdle to clear on the way to victory this year. I plan that GambleGibbon will make a fortune this year.


Pres 7/1

Noz 13/2

Butters 6/1

Proff 10/1

Bruce 5/1

TD 1/2

Wooly 13/2

Miller 6/1

Donk 6/1

Curt 7/1

Aust 13/2


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