Player Name: Steve Coopercoopspm

Also Known As: Cooperman, Coops
Society Position:
Joined the Tour in:
Bio: Steve has yet to progress beyond one WHVGS appearance having been drafted in by the then champion Brown to play in the 2006 Claret Jug competition held in darkest Wales. Proved himself to be a competent golfer and a very likeable fella and so it is hoped that he will make at least one appearance in 2008. The fact that he has recently become a business partner with Brown may boost the chances of an appearance from  Mr Cooper.

Disciplinary Issues: Embroiled in the great 2009 Sharking Scandal at the Presidents

Events Entered:
2008 Amy Austin, WHV Open

2009 Presidents, Pedro Masters

2008 Amy Austin
2008 WHV Open, 2009 Presidents, 2009 Pedro Masters
Hulk Victories:

Nearest-the-Pin Victories:

Strengths: Consistency when in a tournament

Weaknesses: Inconsistent attendance at tournaments

What’s in the Bag?:

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