Player Name: Tim Begley

Also Known As: Little Hero, BegglesLittlehero
Society Position:
Joined the Tour in: The early days
Bio: The longer established society members will fondly remember the days of regular golfing participation from Beggles and will certainly not forget the controversial nearest the pin competition which he undertook with Aust the wrong side of midnight whilst in double figures on the bevvy count. The fact that the pin (and tee) in question were adjacent to the hotel resulted in many angry accusations for society members the following morning as to whether they were ‘Aust’ or ‘Begley’. Has promised to emerge from the golfing wilderness for at least one of the 2008 tour events although the smart money will rest on him having retained any drinking rather than his golfing prowess.

Disciplinary Issues:

Events Entered:
2008 – WHV Open

2009 – Spittle


Hulk Victories:

Nearest-the-Pin Victories:



What’s in the Bag?:

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