This page provides a record of all issues and misdemeanours administered by the society

2009 CaptainsDougal BaxterWilfully not entering the event and preventing the Captain from playingGuilty of being cheeky and out of order1 bottle of at least 20 year old Tawny Port at WHV Open weekend
2009 CaptainsRichard AshNot attending the Captains Cup, and not putting enough effort into organising itGuilty of a cheeky offence1 Motown St Mellion to be consumed at the WHV Open
2009 PresidentsArran Brown & Steve CooperSharking in advance of the Presidents Classic by undertaking a practice round at the Warwickshire days before the WHV MajorGuilty of sharkingEach to consume a Motown Bolton
2009 GibbonWill SpittleLate submission of match reportGuilty10 ranking points
2008 AGMChris Gregory'performance' at 2008 CJ & bringing WHVGS into disreputeGuiltyA 20 year old bottle of Tawny Port and a "quality cheese board" for the General meeting at the 2009 Claret Jug
2008 PEASimon HarrisonLate submission of match reportGuilty27.5 ranking points and one 75cl bottle of Port
2007 AGMDougal BaxterDriving to a party during the doily potting main event, sporting a full beard whilst in his thirties, not eating beef fat (charge morally if not actually carried forward from the 2006 AGM) and being a general revolutionary & rebelGuiltyA bottle of inferior Port and a scabby cheese board from the local shop

Note that the Motown Bolton remains outstanding against Coops

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