Birdies on Tour 2010

All Time Eagle Honour Board

No albatross action, or holes in one…

 Big Time Bandits

Jingle Jangle

President2010 Spittle5 Point HoleA Gross Birdie at Stroke Index 2 (net albatross)
Bruce2010 Spittle4 Point HoleA Gross Birdie at a Par 5
Coops2010 Spittle4 Point HoleA Gross Birdie at a Par 4
Beggles2010 Spittle4 Point HoleA Par at a Par 5 (net eagle)
Can you hear the Spurs?

A list of 4 point holes and any mythical magical 5 pointers

Noz's Saloon

Noz2009 Presidents40 points22
Noz2009 WHV Open 2nd Day41 points18
Open only to gentlemen posting the mythical 40 point round.

All spurs and masks to be left at the door

2009 Notable Efforts

In a bid to keep a true record of golfing excellence, such as it is, amongst the members – here is a list of the gross birdies and “4 pointers” recorded during 2009.

Gross Birdies

SimonGibbonPar 5 1st
IdiotGibbonPar 4 2nd
TDSpittlePar 4 11th
NozSpittlePar 4 15th
IdiotPresidentsPar 3 4th
CoopsPresidentsPar 4 10th
NozPresidentsPar 5 16th
SmithyPEDROPar 3 8th
RonPEDROPar 4 11th
CampoPEDROPar 3 12th
RonAmy AustinPar 5 7th
SimonAmy AustinPar 3 8th
RonAmy AustinPar 5 16th
RonAmy AustinPar 4 17th
BruceWHV OpenPar 5 2nd
NozWHV OpenPar 3 4th
RobWHV OpenPar 3 8th
SimonWHV OpenPar 3 4th
RonWHV OpenPar 4 6th
RobWHV OpenPar 5 16th
RonWHV Open Day 2Par 5 2nd
PresWHV Open Day 2Par 5 2nd
RobWHV Open Day 2Par 5 2nd
SimonWHV Open Day 2Par 3 7th
RonWHV Open Day 2Par 3 9th
CoopsWHV Open Day 2Par 4 10th
RonWHV Open Day 2Par 4 13th
MillersWHV Open Day 2Par 3 14th
RonWHV Open Day 2Par 4 17th
MillersWHV Open Day 2Par 4 17th

2009 Birdies

PlayerBirdies on Tour
Web Donkey4
Took him a while to get going, but the low man came through with a flurry at St Mellion

4 Point Holes

Who Tournament Hole
Simon Gibbon Par 5 1st
Idiot Gibbon Par 4 2nd
Curt Gibbon Par 4 2nd
Noz Gibbon Par 4 2nd
Noz Gibbon Par 4 8th
Prof Spittle Par 4 4th
TD Spittle Par 4 11th
Noz Brissle Par 4 3rd
Ads Presidents Par 3 8th
Coops Presidents Par 4 10th
Noz Presidents Par 3 12th
Noz Presidents Par 5 16th
Smithy PEDRO Par 3 8th
Campo PEDRO Par 3 12th

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