WHV Golf Society – Pedro Masters 1st August 2009campo

Who’s that guy that’s just turned up and nicked our money?

Bicester was the home to the Pedro Masters this year.  A very handy course for all, approximately 1 hour drive from London and Birmingham.  It also provided a good excuse to have a night away from her in doors.

At this event a new member turned up and introduced himself to the group as Campo, this made a total of 14 players for the masters.  Lots of questions were asked as to who this new guy was and how did he get his name.  The guest was invited by Miller who failed in his duty to make Campo welcome by turning up just in time to tee off and then leaving him to pay all the fines.  Fortunately, Campo had one of the days, even thou his sombrero was changed for a pork pie hat, and he managed to take everyone’s money for winning the event with 34 points and getting closest to the Pin on the 12th (£5)

After the winner was announced it was decided that the Miller must be punished for bringing along a new guest with a doggy handicap.  The punishment is still to be decided but a handicap cut looks on the cards.  On hearing this someone was heard to say to Campo “Double Celebrations; you win and Miller pays the penalty.  Maybe my day is just about to get better”

The course appeared to be relatively short from the scorecard (6000 yards) off the yellow.  There was a discussion on the tee about whether we should play from the whites.  It was soon established that the extra 255 yards was too much to ask of men in their prime.  S with tradition Campo teed off straight down the middle of the first with great a gust.  What was missed on the tee behind him was his hacking ability to blob the first.  After the 1st Smithy’s driving was straighter than a Irish priest in a congregation of young boys, which isn’t saying much.

It was soon apparent that the yellow tees were a good choice after reaching the dog leg on the 6th and finding out that the driver was required again to reach.  The only issue was the shot required a towering flight to cross the lake and land gently on the very slick green.  After the 6th the length of the course was reeled back in with the short Par 5 7th which Ron complained about (Pin Position) but was happy to take the Longest Drive Price with a 3 wood.  In an unprecedented changed to the price Ron won back the Pedro Fiver which he had previously worked hard to lose last year.

After the longest drive hole everyone move to the Par 3 8th where the green keeper once again must have lost concentration when setting up the tee. One advantage with placing a pin at the bottom of a huge bank just above the bunker meant that it allowed a number of members to misjudge there ball control and spin their golf balls back down a 1 in 10 incline off the green.

Moving onto the back 9 it soon became obvious why the course yardage was only 6000 yards.  The course designer must have forget that golf courses were 18 holes and then had to find somewhere to fit in 2 extra holes.  He found this by reclaim some of the land from the M40 drainage ditches.  Cooperman was very grateful for this design feature as the lack of pin point accuracy from the members soon increased the fine pot with numerous balls going in the water.  The fines pot was also bolstered by Pedro getting wet feet and Noz hitting the sand to double the fines.  Dougal missed the fairway on the 17th which meant that Coops 31 points and second place pot (£42.50) went past the winners prize (£42) to the great excitement of the group.  Will Coops ever be the bride as this was not his first 2nd place this year?  3rd Place went to Web Donkey with 30 points.  All in all it was a good day for the bookies so there was only a small pay out for Pedro with two winning each way bets on WD.  The only other pay out went to Ron who took £20 in Pedros special par 3 competition between the high rollers in the final 4 ball.

Overall the whole the course was in excellent condition considering the rain which came before the Masters and for the 5 minutes at the start of the back 9.  At this point the greens were wetter than Millers bed after a night out on the beers.  However, a range of compliments on the course and greens where made at the end of the event, in particular Greggors was heard saying “I would be happy to spend my own £25 to come back here” this did raise the question as to who’s £25 he spent to enter the event.

Everyone seems to have a great day and I am sure there will be report on the nights activities later with some damming photographs.  I had an excellent day and was made most welcome up until the point when I was announced the winners! Anyway I am look forward to seeing you all again when I can bring my winnings back for The WHV Open.

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