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Dear all


The PEDRO masters will be held on Saturday 17th September.

  •     Can you please confirm your attendance by Friday; 4 tee-times are reserved for now – I need to confirm Friday.
  •     Can you also let me know if you’ll be staying over the night so I can source the “best” accomodation.

Should you have any queries feel free to contact me but please first refer to the Q&A section below in case the answer you need is there.





 1. From I Hall, Avon – “Will it be at some Lake Happy Corporate Venue? I do so hate traditional parkland & links golf.”

Of Course it will you Idiot, the golf will be played at Hellidon Lakes in Daventry (http://www.qhotels.co.uk/hotels/hellidon-lakes-daventry.aspx)

 2. From C Gregory, W Mids – “Will I have to bring my own bacon roll?”

Of course not TD, that would be ridiculous. Bacon Roll & coffee will be served from 11 o’clock for an 11.40 tee-off

3. From C Lanman, W Mids – “Do they serve catfood in tomato sauce?”

  There will be pie and chips for lunch afterwards. Unfortunately Curt I cannot guarantee they serve that particular filling.

4. From T Begley, W Mids – “Does it provide value for money?”

Of course it does Beggles. PEDRO Power are sponsoring it and all of the above will cost you £35.

5. From P Milmore, W Mids – “So that will be all of my outlay?”

    Don’t be daft son. You will also have to provide the TD with a tenner for competition entry.

6. From M Alsopp, W Mids. “So how much money will I win?”

   Well Mike, the PEDRO Master is the Money event of the tour. Thw winner will recieve the cash usually reserved for 1st and 2nd place combined. (At the AGM, if you attend it, obviously). 

7. From S Cooper, W Mids – “But I remember picking up cash for coming second?”

That’s correct Steve – the PEDRO Power operates a unique fines-for-second-place formula, with a maximum total fine of £5 per player. This pot you can take home on the day if you’re 2nd.

8. From W Spittle, W Mids – “Is that all of the prizes available?”

Noz – this is sponsored by PEDRO Power, so of course not. There’s the £5 per nearest the pin in the final fourball for a start. You know, when the 3 players who have bet the most with PEDRO Power play Pedro as the last fourball of the day? Well any of those 3 could win an extra five pounds per hole.

9. From S Harrison, W Mids – “So apart from winning bets at generous prices, I could pick up £25 even if I finish last?”

And that’s not all Donk. Due to the outraged feedback at the Captain’s matchplay not actually being a matchplay event, PEDRO Power will further be sponsoring a free-to enter post event matchplay simulator to the tune of £20 to the winner.

10. From a BetRon representative, W Mids – “PEDRO Power are great aren’t they?”


11. From A Austin, W Mids – “Do they have buggies?”

Yes, I can reserve them if you let me know.

12. From D Compton, London – “The PEDRO is a fantastic event isn’t it?”

  Indeed it is Dave. Get sucked in.

13. From B Hopkin, W Mids – “Can I bring new members?”

Of course you can Brucey. Remember the £10 membership and £25 shirt fees, and penalty for underhandicapping people you introduce if they do well.

13. From D Baxter, W Mids – “Is there a danger that the PEDRO Masters will overtake the President’s Classic to become the 2nd best event on tour??”

It’s possible Pres, it’s just possible….

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