Less than 24 hours to go. 90 miles to Cambridge from Birmingham – M6 to A14 – easy peasy. Weather looking mixed.

From the Captain:

  • No on line course guide so no opportunity to decide fine holes yet, or draw a dodgy beard. 4rse.
  • Pedro Power will award £5 for each nearest the pin within the final fourball. This is £25. Prizes roll over if no player on the green.
  • The final fourball is contested by Pedro and the three persons who have bet the most with Pedro Power on the day. These bets will be private and no person will have a view of how much other people have bet, although no doubt they will be able to determine where the bets have gone by the odds board. Betting period will be time-bound
  • Pedro Power will further award £20 to the bogeyman (or split between the bogeymen). These are the people with the most net bogeys (1 pointers) on their card (hence the bogey column on the totals sheet).
  •  TD – Roll up standard prize money for second & first place all to winner, but if this totals more than £40 cap it at £40 and split the rest between nearest the pin & longest drive.
  • Pedro Power will donate cash on the day, this is not to be included in earnings totals for the year (Donk). All other money, including fines, to be collected by TD for Payment at AGM. Should hopefully give us a bit of shrapnel for splitting the cash at the AGM.

Our esteemed TD chipped in with  “Remind people to bring pound coins”.

Fine: The TD’s DTs
Hole Number:  
Description: Every putt missed under 10 feet is fined
Qualifications: If the distance is disputed the measure is paced out as being 10 shoe lengths of the person in the group with the largest shoe size.

If the hole is not finished the player is fined for one missed putt.

Fine Size: £1
Fine Doubled if: The TD misses a putt under 10ft


Fine: Ash’s Splashes
Hole Numbers:  
Description: Every ball finishing in the drink is fined
Qualifications: Ball must be in or touching water.

Holes not played are fined £1

Fine Size: 50p
Fine Doubled if: The Captain ends up in the drink


Fine: The PR’s Pits
Hole Numbers:  
Description: Every ball finishing in the sand is fined
Qualifications: Ball must be in or touching sand.

Holes not played are fined £1

Fine Size: 50p
Fine Doubled if: The PR ends up in the sand


Fine: The President’s  Power Fade
Hole Number:  
Description: Every drive (tee shot) landing off the fairway is fined
Qualifications: Fairway means fairway. First Cut of rough is fined.

Reloads included in fine

Ball in fairway bunker is fined

Sole exception is if ball ends in the first cut of green

Drive (including reloads) not taken fined £1

Fine Size: £1
Fine Doubled if: The President misses the fairway.


PLAYER No. of putts missed (TD’s DTs) No of balls in drink (Ash’s Splashes) No of balls in sand (PR’s Pits) No of shots off fairway (Pres’ PF)


Player Bogeys Putt Fine Drink Fine Sand Fine Drive Fine Total
The Aust            

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