Aust has already had some grief about this, but it was from Noz, who would moan about getting too much meat in a bacon roll, or too much cleavage at a meeting, so pinch of salt about the complaint and all that.

Well done to Aust for ticking another major off on the SLAM – is looking to deliver some exciting developments in this area during the off season – get ready to be thrilled…

Here’s the report – I don’t have the cards yet, but the points from the Handicap thingy should let me pull an OoM together before the Amy & JUG.

No pictures or anything from the PEDRO, as I understand that Tropical Storm Irene was approaching Northamptonshire at the time, so here’s a nice picture from the internets.

Looking forward to your 2nd Marriage?




The Pedro Masters was held at Hellidon Lakes Golf and Spa Hotel near Daventry.  The players arrived ready for what was expected to be a hotly contested tournament.  Excitement was also high with the return of Pedro Power for the first time this season.

Players were greeted by the overly helpful golf assistant at the hotel, whilst he seemed keen to tell all of the players every detail about the day, all of the players were far more interested in the story that was unfolding from Pedro about the previous nights events with our antipodean friend.  Whilst the story was not particularly clear (mainly due to Pedro still appearing to be feeling the effects of the alcohol he had consumed – as Dougal’s car could testify to) it appears that a fairly normal evening out with Mr Clegg had involved 17 year old vigilantes and 6 police cars – at this stage the whereabouts of Mr Clegg was still unknown.

Lots were drawn for the betting order with Pedro Power, following which the final group was decided as Professor, the President, Noz and Aust.

The golf course itself was interesting and in good nick whilst, luckily for the eventual winner, it was also fairly short and despite its name involved very little water.

Having waited for a long while for the first green to clear none of the players proceeded to manage to actually hit the green and unfortunately after just one hole the rain appeared.

Despite the wet conditions it soon became clear that the greens were particularly tricky with some unexpectedly quick downhill puts to be found.

The longest drive was held on the 8th and was won by Pal O’ Onions (£5) despite valiant efforts from Noz and the Professor to outdo him.

With lightening closing in over the last few holes the players bravely continued (despite serious risk of death).  The nearest the pin was held on the 18th and won by Pedro (£5) with a soaring iron shot.

The eventual winner was Aust (£40) with 39 points followed by The TD with 36 points (£23).


Having now read this, I agree with Noz – it makes you miss match reports from Mike!



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