After last year’s humiliating landslide defeat for the incumbent PR, he has launched a stalking horse campaign against our (largely ornamental) Captain

Here is the text of his Pre-AGM missive

Pedro out. Vote Ron.

· 2 years ago the Captains cup in Ilfracombe did not involve the Captain

· This year he turned up to the Captains Match Play, but did not even organise it himself (perhaps this is one of the reasons why the course was the 2nd worst we played all year)

· After the Claret Jug he wrote an inaccurate match report and refused to change it

· He makes up bizarre rants about speakers because he doesn’t understand the most basic of technologies

· He doesn’t even let people order his curry for him.

The TD responded by nominating Noz for 2011 TD.

Here’s hoping there are more than 3 of us left by the time we get to vote for the board – otherwise I’ll be demanding FIFA style “recognition” for my vote.

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