This is what I like, a member who comes prepared with a logo and a nice documented set of instructions…(a transparent logo would be handy though Ron!)

Ron handily provided the Skins instructions in pdf format – I don’t really support files on the site, but you can read the rules in their original state here.

Event Details
– Saturday 14th August
– Entry Fee @ 10 Lads Per Boy
– Venue (TBC)
– There Are 26 Skins Available as follows:
– Each hole is worth 1 (x18)
– Each par 3 nearest the pin is worth 1 (x4)
– Each longest drive is worth 1 (x4)
– Potential ‘Pot Sweetener’ from The Players Rep to bulk up the prize fund 

Prize Fund Breakdown
– 16 Lads extracted for the 8 nearest pins/longest drives (2 Lads Each)
– Remaining prize fund divided by 18 for the amount awarded for each skin. If only 1 skin is won then all of the prize fund for the 18 skins will go to that player. If 4 skins are won (LOL) then the monies aside for the 18 hole skins will be divided by 4 and each player will win that amount.

How It Works
The longest drive and nearest the pin skins are straight forward. The winning of each hole is a little more complex – worked out as follows: 

The nett scores from every player will be viewed at the end of the round (there is no need for players to complete a stableforth score or even finish a hole if they know they cannot match or beat the score of a playing partner – should help speed of play), a player must win the hole outright in order to receive a skin. If 2 or more players have the lowest score any hole, the hole will not be won and no skins will be awarded. 
It is actually possible that only a few players will win skins (outside of the nearest pin / longest drive skins) it is also possible that none of the 18 skins will be won – unlikely though. 
This format and game definitely favours the players who receive more than 1 shot on several holes, more than 1 nett eagle on a particular hole is of course unlikely, and therefore would almost definitely win a skin. 

WHVGS Ranking Points
I believe that the WHVGS minor points scoring system in accordance with T2.2 will work if the board will accept total number of skins replacing stableforth points to decide winner, runner up etc. 

A Little Extra From The Players Rep
I will be adding a further spot prize ‘A Round With Ron & Coops’ to be played at Ladbrook Park, courtesy of the Players Rep. The winner of this spot prize can also choose a partner – must be a member of WHVGS, to make up a fourball. (As and when this occurs we may offer this date, obviously at least a week prior, for a potential WHVGS Minor). Details of
how the spot prize will be awarded will be sorted out nearer the time – it may well be to the discretion of The Players Rep. 

If you want to enter the Inaugural Skins Event – email the Players Rep now:
 . (Ron, count me in)

As the reporting member of the society, I currently have NO IDEA how this skins thing will work, or how I will report it – I’ll have to look up how they report the Vegas skins on the PGA tour and stuff. It’s not clear to me if the WHV skins roll-over, hole-by-hole, like they do in professional golf…

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