The newly named 2010 Brizzle Horn started bright and early with Mr Hall leaving nothing to chance by getting all players to turn up 3 hours before our tee times.  Those of us trying to while away some of the time by eating in the clubhouse were made aware of the arrival of the TD by the sounding of a horn.  Seconds later the TD came bounding round the corner carrying a 4 foot brass horn.  This turned out to be the new trophy for the Brizzle donated by its sponsor Mr Hall – a fine addition to the growing trophy cabinet of the tour.

The additional time enabled us to take in an extended master class from the Professor which I’m sure everyone found invaluable.  A range of some of the toughest shots in golf were demonstrated – all executed with perfection as always.

At 2pm the golf finally began – Noz, Aust and TD were off first in their buggy – after all 3 managed to avoid the bunker in the middle of the fairway they took off with TD’s golf bag nicely placed on the roof of the buggy.

After a relatively simple opening hole the course followed up with some tough holes – despite this both Bruce and Bacon made a promising start with 7 points in the first 3 holes. By the 6th tee Noz was left wondering if there would be any ‘normal’ holes on the course having already lost the will to live following a series of blind tee shots.

Mention needs to be made of the TD’s sand iron shot of which he was exceptionally proud on the 10th.  Announcing confidently (despite his wayward efforts on the previous 9 holes) to Aust that he was about to put it to 10 feet, he proceeded to outdo himself by sticking it to 4 foot from about 110 yards.

Standing on the daunting 13th Tee the scores were fairly tight with Aust on 21 point, Bruce on 20 points, Web Donkey on 19 points and a couple of players on 18.  Pedro’s wager was won hands down by Web Donkey who cleverly guessed on a low hook into the cabbage.

The final holes proved somewhat more straightforward than the rest of the course and some steady play from Aust saw him home in 35 points to take the first major of the year (and a prize of £27) with Web Donkey (£18) finishing runner up on 30 points and Bacon third.  The Bigdog was won by Ron (£5) on the 15th and the Shark by Bruce (£5) on the 4th.   There was just time left for the Aust to be the first recipient of The Horn from Mr Hall.

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