No trophy for the winner

The inaugral Captains Matchplay took place on 31st July 2010 at Abbey Hotel Golf and Country Club.  Whilst consuming bacon rolls the new format was explained to everyone by the Captain and the draw for the morning matches completed (including Noz in the cretins group).

The excitement of the long awaited matchplay tournament was only exceeded by the TD on discovering a 13 strong hen party in the bar.

 Any concerns the players had over the format were soon to be expelled as the day produced some exciting and very close matches.  The final match of the morning was only decided between the Pres and Aust with the final putt on the 18th green to create a playoff for first place in the afternoon between Webdonkey, Juice and Aust.

The morning Shark was won by an excited TD (£5) and the Big Dog by Juice (£5).

The exciting golf continued into the afternoon, including possibly the first eagle of the Society from Juice at the par 5 6th, and Ads managing to smash the Shark marker with a close attempt to take the prize.

After 14 holes the Aust was 8 points clear but then did his level best to gift the tournament to Webdonkey and set up a great finale.  Both Webdonk and Juice went for the green in an attempt to take the title for Webdonk – unfortunately they missed on either side of the green with webdonk finding the lateral water hazard.  The Aust meanwhile hooked a drive into a bunker but recovered to grab a par and take the title and £15 with Webdonk second (£10).  Group 2 (Miller, Pres and Ads)was won by Miller (£5) and group 3 (Noz, TD and the Captain) by Noz (£5).  The afternoon Shark was won by Noz (£5) and the Big Dog again by Juice (£5). 

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