TD has done it (more than once), Millers and the Batman Cracker Fountain delighted the 2009 DPS and its’ gonna be in Devon, so strong cider will be available.

Noz has announced the details of the WHV Open 2010 (and by extension, the Amy Austin)

Dear All,
As you know the Claret Jug is due to take place over the weekend of the October 8th / 9th and as last years winner I have the honour of organising this year’s event. I want to try and secure a booking reasonably soon.
The venue will be the Dartmouth Golf and Country Club.
The Amy Austin will probably take place at Churston, which has Ray Reardon as the club President

As of the time of writing, the member participation stands at

Amy Austin + WHV Open Weekend – Noz, Bacon, Pres, Pedro, Bruce, Aust, Web Donk, Ron, Ads, Coops

Just the WHV Open Weekend – Campo, Idiot

TD is playing all the golf, but not doing the Friday job

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